Thursday, November 1, 2007


Today is the lst of November, and I was recalling the lines written by TS Eliot about "April being the saddest month," for me it is always November that is the saddest month.

November in the UK brings Armistice Day - the 11th of the 11th, the remembrance of those hundreds of young men in the First World War. All those talented young men, the great poets and writers and "ordinary" beautiful young men, who must have had so much to offer, killed in an unbelievably brutal conflict. Yes, it is November that is the saddest month.

All is grey with swirls of mist, cold winds rushing in over tempestuous sea, wood smoke and the heating turned up high. Of course that is my vision, but would you not know that today it is mild, grey but it is not cold! Anyway, that is how I see November, so there!

Of course November brings good things too - especially on the television. Perfect viewing for dark nights. Yes, November is for curling up with a good book or the t.v. not for going out and about. Now I can see, after months of repeats, what good things are in store for me this month.
We will be seeing new adaptations of the classics (always a firm favourite with the British). We have Cranford by Mrs Gaskell, starring my favourite actress Dame Judy Dench, then there is Room with a View, and I think a new version of Oliver Twist.

Ah a feast for me. You can always tell it is winter when the BBC trots out an adaptation of a classic. They generally do a brillient job, last season we had Jane Eyre, and a couple of years ago Bleak House. Now that was a production worth turning down a date with Robert Redford for (well almost!). Perhaps you have not had this in the States, but look out for it, especially for a mesmersing performance from Gillian Anderson as Lady Dedlock, conveying, with just a movement of her lips, the internal agony of someone whose life was spiralling out of control. Magic!

So that is me - sad but curled up nice and warm and snug - enjoying a feast of t.v. - come and join me!



Kathleen said...

Lovely post. Elegiac is the word that comes to mind for November. But here in Florida we are so happy to have a break from the heat that we are feeling quite positive about everything -- even shorter days.

margaret blake said...

Ah, Kathy, yes - I recall my November days in Florida - beautiful sunshine and lots of fun the night before the lst. Going out with the Grandkids on Halloween and getting all that candy.
My mouth waters at the thought of pumpkin pie. Yes, November just is not November in Florida, but a feast to be relished and enjoyed.


Kathleen said...

I just read a fun post about you and Halloween at your feature author spotlight at Romance Junkies. Your daughter-in-law shared it.

Speaking of November reading in your post, I'm re-reading Beloved Deceiver and loving it. Also just ordered Sarita's Snow Dance and Debbie's Cupid's Arrow. Definitely have more time to curl up with a good book during November.

margaret blake said...

Thanks, Kathy, that is great to know.

Yes, my daughter in law did have a laugh at my expense and all that toilet paper, hanging around my bed so I could not get into it. But that is them, they are lots of fun.

I can't wait to read your new book when it is out either. The moment it is out I am going to order it. I have had a sneak preview so I know how good it is.


Debbie Wallace said...

November is my favorite month because the temperature usually cools some what giving us Floridians a break. I love hearing the wind chimes outside my porch play in the wind and when I can open the house to a cool breeze that freshens the stale air after being close up all year.

Plus, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday:)

Kathleen...thank you for buying Cupid's Arrow! I hope you enjoy it:)

Sarita Leone said...

What a perfectly charming post. I love it that you get the classics on tv. I admit I don't watch much television but I believe I'd watch more if I could watch Bleak House and some of those goodies you mention.

Kathy, thank you so much for ordering Snowdance. I'm grinning from ear to ear. I hope you enjoy Elinor's story. :)