Friday, November 2, 2007

Distracted, Derailed and...Enchanted

Oh, I had a topic in mind for this morning's post. Really, I did. But a few minutes ago I flicked on the television to see the morning's news headlines and found my favorite singer on the Today show. And in an instant, all my thoughts vanished.

Andrea Bocelli, the Italian tenor, is responsible for my current state of distraction. Honestly, it's all his fault. I had a grip until I heard that amazing voice of his. Now, I have a smile plastered on my face, a full heart and my toes won't stop tapping no matter how hard I try to still them. Yes, I'm entranced. Totally. He's derailed me.

When I write, it is usually without music. But if I do turn the CD player on, it's Andrea Bocelli I choose to accompany my words. Often I write characters who love music, as I do. It's no surprise that they listen to opera, or the Stones, or something else from my collection. I think we can learn a lot about people *and characters* from the music they listen to. And, I think that whether or not they sing when they listen is telling. Very revealing, that.

Me? Sometimes I sing along. But mostly I let Signore Bocelli do the singing. After all, it only takes a line or two from him before I'm completely...enchanted.


margaret blake said...

Oh, Sarita I love him to. The only time I was out of sorts with him was not with him, but with his singing with Sarah Brightman. Her voice to me is like chalk across a blackboard.

His voice is so melodic and rich. How gifted is this man who has overcome his disability to be so successful.

Pavarotti loved his voice too.

Margaret Blake.

Debbie Wallace said...

Josh Groban has a beautiful voice, too, not sure if he sings any opera though:)

Kathleen said...

What a nice distraction!

Sarita Leone said...

He was on again yesterday morning so I was, once again, driven to distraction. *sigh* What a nice way to begin the day! :)