Friday, November 16, 2007

Hey! It's moving too fast!

Pardon? What's moving too fast? Oh, I'm sorry... It's time. Time seems to be moving very quickly lately. Has that ever happened to you? I kind of think it probably has. The feeling of the swiftness of time's passing has most likely touched every life from time to time.

I'd been paying no real attention to this fact until recently. I'd just been enjoying life, savoring the moments and not really caring much about the passing years, greying hairs or any of the rest of it. But then, in a heartbeat, life changed.

I got an invitation to my high school reunion.

Egads! It's going to be my --th Reunion? Already?! How on earth did that happen?

Easy. Time passed. Quickly. While I wasn't paying any attention.

I'm actually very excited about this reunion. Notice I didn't divulge what number reunion it is? It's my-- nope, I can't do it. Sorry. But regardless of the shocking number I'm looking forward to the party. Seeing how everyone else's fared in life will be fun. Catching up with people who have drifted from my group of friends should be interesting. Laughing at the silly things we did as teenagers should be a hoot. Yes, I'm quite thrilled by the invite--now that my initial horror has passed.

Hmm...I wonder where those old jeans are? In a trunk somewhere, probably. I wonder if I'll ever be able to fit my middle-aged bottom into them again? Who knows? I've got nearly a year to work on it--and you can bet I'll be watching time a little more closely from now on. At least until the reunion, that is.

Happy Friday!


jenn said...

OMG, I know what you mean. I had my 20th two years ago and it is hard for me to believe it actually happened. It was fun to see everyone though. But you are right, time does move quickly when no one is watching.


margaret blake said...

I confess at blankety blank age, I would view the prospect with horror.


Kathleen said...

This year I thought I was a year younger than I actually am so know what you mean. Have a good weekend! We are chilling here in Fla. which is novel enough to be fun.

carla toombs said...

too funny. first days of the week panties, then rushing time. since we are the same age I know how you feel! Scary. :0

Sarita Leone said...

Jenn, your 20th? I'll bet that was a hoot!

Horror? Yes, Margaret, that's exactly what I felt at first! Thank goodness I'm getting used to the idea now. :) I think it's going to be fun!

A chill in Florida? Good for you Kathy! I know that's something welcomed. My dad was thrilled to be able to go outside without melting last week. :)

Oh Carla, I'm glad you can identify with my rushing time, where are the panties? moments! LOL.

Thanks for stopping by!