Friday, July 1, 2011


I've never been a big television person. Really, I'm just not into it. Give me a good book or sweet movie any day of the week. But television shows? Nope.


Lately I've found an exception to my no-tv rule.

It's one of those things that call to me, drawing me close and reeling me in hook, line and sinker.

What is it, this television show that's got me so captivated? Cake Boss. Really, I'm charmed by a show where a guy bakes cakes. Go figure!

Have you seen it?

What show, if any, makes your must-watch list? I'm open for new ideas.

Hope you have a peaceful Friday. Thanks for stopping by!


Mary said...

I haven't seen this yet. I'll check him out!

Wendy Neudorf said...

Ah yes - Cake Boss has been one of our favorites for quite some time!