Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Never satisfied

I am looking out on a grey gloomy day. We have had rain since Saturday. It's been chilly too. This is July! Yet on Wednesday I was out with one of my walking groups and the weather was perfect. Sunny, pleasantly warm, indeed a perfect day.

Just under a month ago I was in Florida where the temperature was 93/95. It was far too hot. You couldn't venture out (or rather I couldn't) after about 11.00 a.m. The sun was too intense. I don't know how people work outside in that heat but they do. Yet it was perfect at the beach, I could lie beneath an umberella and when the mood took me, dive into the warm, loving waters of the Gulf. Now sitting in a fleece I am making do. I guess that's what we do, make the best of it.

All this then has had me wondering if I am a whinger, too chilly here, too hot in the Florida. But then perhaps I am a perfectionist, wanting everything to be the best. No, looking at the dust on my filing cabinet, I guess I am not that either.

However, I can escape - I can dive into my new book - it's set on an island in Greece in the Spring. Perfect. I think I will go there, smell the flowers, and wander in a perfect garden beneath a benign sun.

Catch you later.


Flowerpot said...

It's like that here in Cornwall too Margaret. I think a bit of escapism is needed here as well!

Sarita said...

Oh Margaret, you hit the nail on the head this morning. It is sooo hot here, unbearably so, that I'm trying to get the yard chores done as early as possible. And, as I'm muttering about the heat, I'm asking if I'll ever be satisfied. I assure myself that at least it isn't snow, but still...

Greece sounds awesome!

Hope your day warms up a bit. :)

margaret blake said...

Oh what a shame beautiful Cornwall is suffering too. Ah, well no matter the weather you at least have those lovely views to gaze on!

And Sarita, sweltering in upstate New York, surely to have it that hot is unusual? I remember when I lived in New Rochelle it was hot in the summer but there was a cooling breeze blowing from The Sound.

Beth Elliott said...

We can adapt to heat or cold but it's the sudden changes that throw us! but wouldn't it be dull if the weather was the same every every day....?
Greece would be wonderful, Margaret, with fragrant blossom and that open air lifestyle.