Friday, June 10, 2011

Bee-ing Busy

Sharing some summer sweetness with you. I put a jar in my Etsy shop today, just to see how it goes. Maybe I'll get a nibble. Get it? A nibble?

Sorry! Bad jokes aside, I hope you've had a peaceful Friday.

Me? Busy here on the farm. Weeds to pull, jam to preserve, laundry to fold. Nothing earth-shattering or newsworthy, but enough to keep me moving. I did linger in the orchard, watching the bees buzzing amongst the fruit trees. Amazing!

Now I'm off to find a bowl of ice cream. A big bowl. Really big. With sprinkles, maybe. And whipped cream, definitely.

Wishing you a happy evening!


Anonymous said...

This looks amazing! Just like my mum used to make. Gorgeous!!

Sue W.

Mary said...

that looks so good. i can even see the berries!

Sarita said...

Sue and Mary, thank you for your kind words! I love making jam. Strawberry is one of my favorites.

hapi said...

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margaret blake said...

Lovely, Sarita, I must get some of that jam!