Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dog on a Diet

Okay he got chubby. It took him years to train us that he needed a biscuit after we ate. He required sustenance during car rides and the sounds of vacuuming made him irritable and, of course, hungry.

So are skinny little rescue got a bit portly and our Vet has him on a diet. Spencer is annoyed. He has been giving me dark-eyed looks all morning. I have tried to substitute rice cakes for cookies and mash the kibble with green beans but so far the only one losing weight is me. I burn lots of calories as I try to drag him out for a walk. And he is incredulous, "me exercise in this heat."

But I'm staying the course because I want my not so little sweet pee to be healthy. Wish me luck.


margaret blake said...

I feel so sorry for pets that have to diet, they just don;t understand but the alternative is a big fat dog and that aint good for anyone. Good luck with this, Kathy and don't let your kind heart rule your head.

Jill James said...

I wish you luck. You want a healthy dog to enjoy for many more years. He needs walks, whether he wants them or not. No table scraps. Go back to puppy stage and chase him and play fetch and tug of war.

Paula Martin said...

Good luck, Kathy. Can't give you any advice because I've never had a dog. But I sympathise with Spencer. Like him, I've got a bit portly too - and the vacuuming makes me irritable (and hungry) as does the ironing, and especially cleaning windows! And exercise - well, I'm in total agreement with him there.
But I need to lose some weight, so maybe I'll try the rice cakes and the green beans (but not the kibble!)

Anonymous said...

Our four legged pal is on a revolving diet. She gains weight every winter and the diet begins again until she is trim. Then for about 6 months she maintains with regular, rice based dog food until hunting season rolls around again for hubby. I know that once opening day of deer season dawns, no longer does Angel get regular doggie kibble but I have to break out the diet variety. The "extras" she gets from hubby during deer season just pack on the pounds and out always sleek and shiny dog looses her waist and turns into a somewhat chubby version of her spring and summer self.

Good luck with the diet. I know how much Angel hates it when I enforce hers, but if I didn't she would be huge :)

Ann Campbell

Caroline Clemmons said...

Our plight exactly. Our dog Webster is portly, but then so are we. LOL I can't convince my husband that dog treats are like cookies are for people. My sweet hubby can't resist Webster's big brown eyes pleading for a Beggin' Strip or a Milk Bone.

Kathleen said...

Spencer thanks you for all the good advice and decided everyone gets prizes.

Tory Richards said...

He's so cute! And he doesn't look overweight to me. Does he have a play mate to keep him busy playing? Another pet in the house?