Friday, July 9, 2010


We were away from home for a time recently. While the house was clean when we left, we found the most amazing additions to the interior landscape when we returned.


Can you imagine? In the corners, high above the furniture as well as on lampshades and bookshelves, we had cobwebs. They were pretty, and fairly simple to remove but they were, without a doubt, a surprise.

Who would have thought a house could produce cobwebs in just a matter of weeks?

It's been suggested that I begin writing something--anything!--in the near future. I've been told it will "keep your mind occupied" and "make things seem more normal", all of which is probably true. Still, I hesitate.

You see, I haven't written anything in quite some time. I'm wondering if there might be--you guessed it!--cobwebs in my mind. If there are, I hope they'll be as easy to dispense with as the ones in the house were!

Happy Friday!


Caroline Clemmons said...

If you're away from writing for a while, it is easy to get out of the habit. But we are writers, so we HAVE to give in and let the words flow eventually.

My friend has a brother-in-law whose IQ is high and who never fails to pontificate on every subject. Once when he noticed a cobweb in her home, she'd had enough. She concocted this fantastic story about how these minute creatures called cobs built these webs. She went into the life cycle of the cob, etc. Never told him is was all made up. LOL

Kathleen said...

Sarita, No cobwebs in your mind at all. Try morning pages where you just scribble something down before you are fully awake. Julia Cameron suggested it in The Artist's Way and I find it helps.

Margaret Tanner said...

It is so true, being a creature of habit myself, if I don't write regularly I would probably not write at all.
Yes, it is amazing how quickly the cobwebs can come.



Tory Richards said...

Lord knows I don't have a regular writing habit either but then, I consider my writing a pleasant hobby and one I do when I want to do it:)