Thursday, December 3, 2009

Winter Warmer

Winter can look so romantic, log fires, dim lighting, a candle or two. A fur rug?
Two people enjoying a romantic tryst, sipping a glass of wine perhaps. Is this the reality? Now and again for you romantics. But the really real reality is wearing too many clothes, dodging showers, trying not to slip on ice coated pavements.

Lowering the tone - on my walks with the rambling group, the one thing I hate is having to go the ladies. I mean all the clothes I am wearing, it gets so difficult. In this, as with everything in life, the guys have it really easy!

I long for spring and summer and autumn, but thanks. If I had my way I'd be in Florida now, or Australia or New Zealand, I would not be in the cold. However, since I am I will make the best of it. I will go out with the ramblers whatever the weather, I will dim the lights and snuggle down. When I look out of the window I will think how lucky I am to have a home and I will promise that I will not moan about the season.

Broken promises? Yes I know...but I will try.


jrlindermuth said...

Let's take a vote and ban winter.

Kathleen said...

Well there are the cozy sweaters and hot chocolate of books and then the blustery reality. Great post, Margaret

margaret blake said...

Oh yes, John, I am with you there.
However, I do wonder if we did not have seasons if we would miss them. However, I'd like to find out.

Yes, Kathy, I am wearing the cashmere that I bought on sale in Scotland!