Monday, December 28, 2009

2010 Watch Out!

Well, another Christmas is behind us and we'll soon be welcoming in The New Year. My Christmas plans were to stay home and have a peaceful holiday with the hubby. I had an extra long weekend which is always nice. Thought I was going to be editing but my editor informed me that she's not quite ready. I told her I was kind of glad, for selfish reasons.

Lately I've begun to take stock of my life and how I over commit myself. I've always been a high achiever but let's face it, work is really the only place I have to excel because I have to work and I have to pay the bills. It's time to slow down in my personal life though, and enjoy it more. Pace myself.

I've already begun to make some changes. Which, to my surprise I've adjusted to quite quickly. My first decision was to get rid of three of my five email accounts. I mean, who needs five? Add checking them every day to the hours spent networking and promoting on line and there's little time left for anything else.

I'm going to make more changes once 2010 gets here. I'm going to make a list and check it twice, prioritize, which I'm really great at when I'm at work. I'm going to stick with what works and get rid of what isn't. I've already started using my yahoo calendar to help me keep track of events I've signed up for. That will help me to spread myself out and not commit to too much at one time. I'm bad about that.

This sounds like a New Year's Resolution doesn't it? Have you thought about what you'll make?

Before I go I thought I'd share a photo of me and my granddaughter, taken in St. Augustine a couple weeks.


Kathleen said...

Good blog and great photo. Have a very happy new year.

margaret blake said...

Gorgeous picture and such good resolutions.

Tory Richards said...

You too Kathy!

Thanks Margaret. Keep your fingers crossed that I succeed:)