Thursday, November 26, 2009


Bless you all, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

There are only a few things I envy folks for but your having Thanksgiving Day is one of them. It is a wonderful celebration where you give thanks and turn your thoughts to those pioneers who helped make your wonderful country what it is. And they were escaping mine, so that is somewhat ironic don't you think?

What I like about Thanksgiving, as well as a reason to get together and share good food and company, but it is the way it has not been commercialised. It's not like Christmas with the BUY BUY BUY urges weeks and weeks before the day arrives. All the broohaha which takes you away from the significance of Christmas. Thanksgiving is thanksgiving and nothing more. That is what is so wonderful.

I would like to be sitting down with you, eating turkey and squash and later pumpkin pie, I'd like to have a glass of Californian Cabernet and toast you all. I can't do that, but with the wonder that is the internet I can say it now - "Here's to you all, enjoy this most wonderful of days."

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Kathleen said...

I love Thanksgiving too. We lifted our champagne glasses in tribute to do many blessings including getting to see you in '09