Friday, November 27, 2009

Abundant Thankfulness

All Thanksgiving days are special. It has always been a big holiday in our house, a time to celebrate family and friends and to remember the blessings that shower us. All of our Thanksgivings have been memorable, for one reason or another. And, they have all been, thankfully, joyful.

This Thanksgiving season, when I count my blessings I count the three “larks” who share this page with me. They are amazing women, each one talented, kind and fabulous. They have shown time and again the depth of their characters, and it is an honor to be here with them.

This has been a tough year for me, and I’ve been less present here than I would have chosen to be. There have been weeks when I have missed posting. I’ve been so tied up with just getting through what’s been put before me that I’ve also gone weeks without commenting on the funny, insightful, well-thought-out posts Debbie, Margaret and Kathy share. In short, I’ve had to focus on one set of issues, and have had to—regretfully—allow others to slide.

But do you know what? Despite my preoccupation in another direction, none of these incredible women has given me one second of feeling bad for my inattention. Quite the opposite! They have accepted as much as I could offer at any time. They have sent supportive notes and offered prayers. They have held me up at times I thought I might stumble, just by the magic of their patience, caring and kind words. They have been friends, and I will be forever grateful to each of them.

So you can see why I am thankful for Kathy, Margaret and Debbie, can’t you? I am blessed, and know it.

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful holiday weekend. I hope, too, that you are fortunate enough to know the joy that comes from having special people in your life. Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!


margaret blake said...

We feel the same way about you, Sarita, you are always supportive of us, it is a two way street.

I hope that things get better for you and that you had a lovely day yesterday.

Kathleen said...

Sarita, Such a lovely and gracious post. You and your family remain on our prayer list.