Friday, May 15, 2009

Picking All Week Long!

I began a new adventure this week. When confronted by acres of dandelions, I decided to do what I'd do if the ground was littered with lemons: I figured out how to turn all that yellow into something fun and--hopefully!--tasty.

I'm making dandelion wine.

Have I ever made dandelion wine before? Nope. Never even considered doing it. But, as I said, I suddenly had all those dandelions... I ask you--what else could I do with 'em? Hmm?

Anyhow, I've spent the week researching. Plucking and pondering. Wash before dismantling the flower? Or dismantle, then wash? (I learned the hard way. Dismantle. Then wash. Believe me, much better method.) I had an informative conversation with a man who owns a nearby winery. I measured. I boiled. I strained.

Now, I wait. For six to twelve months. Wanna wait with me?

I'm very excited by this new adventure. Don't you just love trying something new? Tell me, what kind of new experience have you had lately? And, how did it turn out?

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Mary said...

You are always up to something interesting.

Tory Richards said...

Have you ever had dandelion greens? Yummy!

Let us know how the wine comes out.

Kathleen said...

Believe it or not I miss dandelions. We don't have any in Florida and they do have their own eculiar beauty