Thursday, September 22, 2011

Change for Change Sake

Do you notice how this happens. Facebook for instance has changed and everyone is up in arms about it, we were happy with what we had so why change it. I used to love my video, now that won't work because over here in England we have gone digital. It's supposed to work but it doesn't. Again change. And I am sorry but how efficient was video as opposed to dvd's where it's a devil of a job (for me anyway) to stop and get back to the place I was at before!

Some changes are good but only if they have a purpose. Take writing a book, you change quite a lot. You edit, you take out you put somewhere else. Like me you probably fell in love with someone and then decided you didn't like him at all! If you don't love him then you can't expect the reader to, that's my mantra. That's why I have a picture of A Saxon Tapestry, this was an old novel that I wrote years ago, it has been re-issued, there are some changes to update it but that's all. It was more tweaking than anything else. That to me is purposeful change, it's mucking about with stuff that is okay that really winds me up.

My washing machine has served me really well for more years than I care to remember. I dread it breaking down. I know I will have to get a new one, and friends tell me they just do not last like the old ones did. Gulp, replacing something after only five years (perhaps it's my age) but I hate that.

It's like favourite books, they go on forever don't they, they don't need changing, we want them just as we remember. I guess that's why I really liked the new Jane Eyre film. It fitted my imagine of the books. And don't get me started on the new Tinker, Tailor film because I could rave for weeks on how marvellous that is.

Change for change sake - that is the real problem. Are you listening you whizz kids at Facebook. Somehow I doubt it.


jrlindermuth said...

Sadly, you're right, Margaret--they aren't listening. I saw on one forum FB noted X number of people didn't like the changes but XX number didn't object. Was it a case of they didn't object or just didn't squawk like the rest of us?

margaret blake said...

Yes, John, that's it, if you don't protest they take it as acceptable.

Pauline Holyoak said...

I agree with you Margaret.Thanks for the 'food for thought.' Always enjoy your posts.

Kathleen said...

You are absolutely right! Good blog.

Sarita said...

What a great post, Margaret. You are always so insightful.