Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bear Cat

I alternate back and forth between living with my hubby and living with my daughter and her family. Since I tend to spend more time at my daughter's I brought my babies with me. That left hubby alone and miserable. So this past weekend I took him to the humane society to get him a cat.

The goal was simple. He wanted a kitten. But when I walked in a little black cat with gold eyes called out to me. He was so pretty, and starved for attention. I mean, he rubbed up against the cage and reached out for me, taking care not to catch me with his claws. He let me hold him and cried out when I walked away from his cage. It broke my heart and I knew immediately he was the one.

He wasn't a kitten.

Hubby waited in the car because he said if he went in and saw them he couldn't take it, he'd want them all. This is the man who hated cats when we first met. But Woofy, Gin Gin and Jezzie took care of that, and it wasn't long before he was hooked. You know what they say about giving the elderly a pet for companionship, something to occupy their time? It's absolutely true!

Now, before you think I'm the meanest woman in the world, I did offer to leave Gin Gin when I left, but he was adamant the cats not be broken up. So here we are at the humane society. It didn't take him long to come walking in. I called him over to Bear Cat's cage. At that point I'd taken him out and was cuddling with him. He was so friendly! I looked Earl right in the eye and said, "This is the one for you."

Bear Cat is almost a year old and has lived in the humane society since he was brought in with his litter mates, as a kitten. It broke my heart to hear that he'd been living in that cage for all that time. Why had no one adopted him? Because he was black I learned. What?! Then I was informed that black cats are hard to find homes for because no one wants them.

Bear Cat looks exactly like my little Jezzie, except that he has a smudge of white on his ear. I fell in love with him so we took him home. He's already adapted to his new surroundings, and has made himself right to home. He comes to us when we call to him. I know hubby is going to spoil the hell out of him. Because he spoiled our other three.

Bear Cat is going to spoil Earl, too.


Kathleen said...

Congratulations on the new addition to your family.

margaret blake said...

How lovely. I adore black cats, how odd that they are hard to adopt. We had our gorgeous black cat for seventeen years, and though I now have a ginger one I still miss Foggie, although I guess he is happy in cat paradise.
Bear cat sounds adorable.

Tory Richards said...

I'll be posting pictures of Bear Cat soon!