Monday, March 22, 2010

I love flowers. Any flowers. They don't have to smell or be expensive. I don't have to get them in a bunch, one will due.

There's something about flowers and receiving them that brightens my day. Makes me smile. I can be driving and see a field of wild flowers and suddenly all is good in the world.

There's so much ugliness in the world, but have you ever noticed that it only takes one little thing to dim that and make you feel good inside? We all have something different that works for us. If you think about it you'll realize just what that is. And it can be more than one thing that lifts you up and makes you feel invincible.

My granddaughter's smile has the power to do that for me. My cats, curling up in my lap or nuzzling my cheek, seeing a mother deer and her fawns on the side of the road on my way to work in the mornings. Catching the glimpse of an eagle gliding in the sky. Flowers. Little things in life that seem to wield so much power over us.

Do you have something that makes everything okay?


margaret blake said...

I so agree with what you say - yep grandkids and cat will do it everytime. And flowers - a gift from God. I love flowers. I received a huge bouquet of pink flowers the other day (my favourite colour too) from the Walking Group I go out. Terrific, thoughtful people, it made my day.

Kathleen said...

For me it's chocolate and a good book.

Sarita Leone said...

Flowers always make me smile. Any color will do!

Tory Richards said...

Thanks for your comments, larkers!
Flowers, chocolate and a good book...great minds think a like:)