Monday, February 22, 2010

Never Say Never

Ever heard that saying? I've always known what it meant, but honestly, I never thought it would apply to me. Lately I've had to eat my words, yuck! They don't taste all that good either. But I have to fess up, I've always said there are two things you will never see in my books, the female C-word and the F-word. Not only is the F-word the foulest word in the English language, my opinion, and it tastes like crap!

I might not branch out into different genres, but I do write different levels of heat in my stories. I began with Cupid's Arrow, considered a sweet romance. My latest contract offer is for my first short erotic romance. Fifteen thousand words of a hot, okay I'll admit explicit, relationship between the hero and heroine. And if you're going to write an erotic story, no words are taboo.

I discovered I like writing short romances. I don't know yet if I'll make any money off it but it will keep my name out there while I'm working on those longer stories. I think that's just as important. It was very difficult for me to get over my aversion to typing the F-word down and leaving it. But with a friend's help and in time I convinced myself it's really just a word. And sometimes it belongs in the story.

I'm just here to warn you, never say never!

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margaret blake said...

Well you know, you have to write to suit your audience if you are writing for a specific genre. I don't like any of the anglo saxon words but I find the c word more offensive than the f one, but both are horrid.