Friday, February 19, 2010


Recently I cleaned our my desk drawers. It was long overdue! One of the fun things I found in the desk was a box filled with film canisters. I had no idea when the photos were taken, and had completely forgotten about the film. I took a bunch of them to the store last week. Yesterday I picked them up and was so pleasantly surprised by the prints!

One roll was from four summers ago, when my dad was visiting. Another had photos of a visit with my in-laws. Still another showed us in the garden, with corn stalks towering above us and morning glories dangling over fenceposts. What a wonderful walk down memory lane!

Hope you have a great weekend!


Kathleen said...

How fun to find those pictures. Have a good weekend yourself.

Tory Richards said...

The days of finding forgotten rolls of film are all but gone, aren't they? What with digital cameras.

My hubby still has a poloroid and took some pictures with it the other day. I can't believe he can still find film for it.

Warm and fuzzy post:)