Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Longest Pleasure

The Longest Pleasure is due for release in March, and I so wanted to share the beautiful Nancy Donoghue cover with you. Nancy again captivates the essence of the story and I am so delighted with this. A friend and colleague, Paula Martin, was doing an interview the other day, one of the topics was titles and where they came from. It was affirming to see that Paula, like me when stuck for a title, reverts to quotations. I was really stuck on what I should call The Longest Pleasure, as it is a duel edged story. I went into my quotations book and came up with the perfect one - by Lord Byron, himself quite a rogue! "Now hatred is by far the longest pleasure. Men love in haste but they detest at leisure." Lord Byron.
It is so perfect as The Longest Pleasure is about love and hate and revenge. I am so happy that I found it. Considering what Paula had written about, I looked at my other titles and mused over when I had used quotes before. "Fortune's Folly" straight out of Romeo and Juliet and perfect for that book. However apart from a book I wrote years ago "Fond Deceiver" I realized that I had not actually used that many quotations. Coincidentally Paula revealed that she too had written a book some time ago called Fond Deceiver and dang it but she had found the same quote too. Great minds thinking alike. At the moment I am reading the proofs for The Longest Pleasure, it is serving to confirm to me that the title is more than perfect. Finding that quote was a stroke of luck!


Paula Martin said...

What a fantastic cover, Margaret. I love it. Also thanks for mentioning me! I love finding quotes that seem to fit my books perfectly, and your Byron quote really does sound perfect. Good luck with the new release.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Margaret,
Hope this finds you well. It is indeed a wonderful cover. I never thought about using quotes for a title. You have givne me something to think about.



Tom and Roxe Anne Peacock said...

Fantastic cover, Margaret. I too love the quotes. Best of luck

jrlindermuth said...

Excellent title, beautiful cover, Margaret. I'm fond of quotes for titles, too.

pauline holyoak said...

I love this cover, Margaret. Quotes for titles is a great idea but where would one find quotes for the horror genre? Good luck with the book.

margaret blake said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. I can't believe I typed June as a release date doh, that's a second book, this one is released in March. I am putting it down to a bad cold (again - the cold not my error the second since I came back from Florida).

Beth Elliott said...

The title is intriguing and the cover is beautiful. The scene is even more enhanced by the intriguing Celtic style metalwork border. I hope the book does well for you, Margaret.

margaret blake said...

Thank you everyone. Yes Beth, I love the Celtic writing too. It does let you know that this is a suspense as well as a romance.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and inspiring cover - Best of luck with the book !!

margaret blake said...

Thank you, AC, I love it too.

pauline holyoak said...

Nice cover Margaret and I loved your post. I can really relate to that. I'm struggling with a characters name in book three of my trilogy, I've changed it three times. Sigh...Good luck with the book sales.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret! I dont know how I happened by your blog post.. but I was really happy to see how well received your covers are!

I hope you are doing well, I miss being your cover artist.. request me any time. :) Nancy Donahue Schuetz