Thursday, October 13, 2011


I was responding to an interview the other day. One of the questions asked whether any of my heroes was based on a famous person. Difficult

The only one I truly know is "Eden's Child" I did not actually knowingly base Nevis, my hero, on Hugh Jackman, but he shines through. If ever they did make a movie or tv drama he would be perfect.

Generally though my heroes live in my head. They are my perfect fantasy. They are never too good looking. I like my historical heroes to have flaws. Just as they have flaws in their personalities so they have flaws in their physical appearance. A tiny something just makes them less than perfect. Are there exceptions? Well yes two I can think of. One is Job Tepi in Breaking the Clouds, who is half Maori and terribly, breathtakingly handsome. The other is Ned, in my latest novel A Fatal Flaw. Ned is gorgeous. It would be very difficult to cast someone to play either to my entire satisfaction but I would take the money and run! (Well wouldn't you?).


Sarita said...

As usual, you're on target, Margaret. Who wants a perfect hero? No one is without a flaw or two. Makes them more interesting, I think!

Your covers are gorgeous!

And you are inspiring, my friend. :)

margaret blake said...

Thank you so much Sarita, you are one brave lady.

Kathleen said...

Like your masculine heroes!