Thursday, March 3, 2011

Breaking the Clouds

A couple of years ago I published a novel set in New Zealand. This is a hardback novel, but tells the story of Bron whose husband goes missing. She is finding out all kinds of things about her husband and she suspects that the handsome Job Tepi, knows more than he is letting on.

I had the opportunity to visit New Zealand quite a few years ago. I toured North and South Island and loved it. I was devastated to read of the earthquake which attacked Christchurch. This was and is a beautiful city. The square where the Cathederal once stood was magnificent.
The people of New Zealand are lovely and they are also very brave.

Napier is a glorious art deco town that was similarly devastated by an earthquake many years ago. The art deco town that is now there is a result of that. Let us hope and pray that Christchurch too will rise out of the ashes.

Breaking the Clouds is available from the author.

Extract Breaking the Clouds

His body felt hard, his shoulders broad and strong. Her lips unused for so long responded and cajoled and when he deepened the kiss she was ready opening herself up to him, letting her breasts crush against his chest, delighted as his hands at her back drew her closer. One hand curled at the nape of her neck, brushing aside her hair, a thumb manipulating the warm flesh.

She had been cold and lonely for so long, her arms empty, her body aching for fulfillment, longing to feel the warmth of someone close to her, now she was a flower opening up to the sun………..


Pauline Holyoak said...

Nice post Margaret. Your book sounds enchanting. Devastating news about New Zealand, indeed.

Paula Martin said...

Nice excerpt, Margaret.
I think any disaster seems more 'personal' somehow when you have visited the place in the past and can imagine everything more vividly.

margaret blake said...

Thank you Pauline and Paula. Yes, I do feel really upset about the earthquake. I had a friend here tonight who lived there, and who had a friend that had a close escape. She had picked up her baby from her crib and a second after the wardrobe crashed into the crib. She had no idea anything was going to happen but instinct made her pick up the baby.

Paula Martin said...

Experiences like that make the hair on my neck stand on end. It's strange how instinct can sometimes kick in to prevent a tragedy.