Thursday, September 23, 2010


Last time I blogged I was bemoaning the fact that I hadn't received the cover for my latest book. The next week test copies arrived and now I have the "real" thing. I am so delighted with this as I feel it catches the essence of the novel.

This romantic thriller set in Cornwall and Florida was one of those books that it was fun to write. You all know the cliche "it wrote itself" and this novel did. From the moment I started to the very end it galloped away from me. I tried my hand at humour too, never easy and such a personal thing, what makes one person laugh makes another say "what's funny about that" anyway I shall just have to wait and see if the reader gets it!

Meanwhile enjoy the cover and blurb...October isn't too long to wait, is it?

A Fatal Flaw
Published by Whiskey Creek Press.


Paula Martin said...

Beautiful cover, Margaret - and lookforward to reading the book.

margaret blake said...

Thanks, Paula.

Kathleen said...

Lovely! Congratulations!

Tory Richards said...

Love the beautiful cover, Margaret! WCP has some wonderful artists. Congrats on your next release.