Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Days of Wine and Roses

As I shortly shift into a new decade age-wise, I was thinking about "The Days of Wine and Roses," not the excellent film but the poem by Ernest Dowson. Convincing myself I think, that these are my days of wine and roses.When I moved into the dreaded 60 decade, I took myself off to Australia and New Zealand. I did things I had never done before - traveling extensively on my own and staying at Youth Hostels part of the time. The latter, although frightening at first, was wonderful. I met many people older than even me, and made friendship with people of all nationalities, which was interesting and rewarding.

For some time I wondered what I should do this time and because of my circumstances now, being recently and sadly widowed, I can't get up the impetus to think where I should go and what I should do.

The beautiful picture shows Loch Awe in bonnie Scotland, and for those that have never been to Scotland, let me tell you it truly is bonnie, beautiful in fact, as you can see. This is where I am going next week. John and I were there same time last year, and it was lovely. We had booked a return trip and I've decided to go on my own. It was such a happy time that I know I won't be sad. I will remember the many laughs we shared on this particular holiday.

A week later I am off to West Wales - again a beautiful place - to stay with my cousin and his wife. John and I went there on a camping trip and we both really loved Wales.

Neither of these trips are as exciting at the one I took for my 60th, but never mind...these are my days of wine and roses and they aren't over yet...perhaps another adventure is waiting in the wings and if not...there is always Paris!



Beth Elliott said...

A bonnie place indeed, Margaret. You're brave to go again without your John but you're a brave lass and you'll manage. It won't be easy but you'll be glad you did it. And there are lots of adventures and journeys. It's not age but courage that is the essential ingredient.

margaret blake said...

Thank you, Beth - your kind comments are very much appreciated.

jrlindermuth said...

Bon voyage. Wishing you a good journey and exciting (but safe) adventures to fuel your writing and enhance your living.

Paula Martin said...

I envy you your visit to Loch Awe, Margaret, and hope the weather is as beautiful as in the photo! Enjoy your memories there.
And if want that trip to Paris, well, I'm always game for ANY trip to Paris LOL Just had my hero and heroine there for the weekend in my latest novel! I love Paris.

Kathleen said...

Have safe travels!