Monday, June 21, 2010

After spending five and a half hours at a car dealership the other day I remember why it's been five years since I purchased a new car, and why it will most likely be another five before I go through it again. I'd received one too many of those special deal advertisements in the mail and just had to go check this one out. I haven't had a car payment in two years and my original plan was to wait and get a new car a couple years before I retired. So much for that!

Hubby and I made a 9:00 appointment to haggle with the sales person, I hate that part, too. We were just about to walk out because he was determined to talk them into giving me a free car, (they didn't budge, go figure) while I realized the deal I was getting. As we were heading toward the door I stopped him and said, if I don't get a car today I'm not coming back and that's it. I'm not going through this again. He didn't really care, after all it was going to be my car. So I turned around and went back in.

Well, I did get a good deal on a 2011 model that's already out so I took the plunge. Beginning next month I'll start up with car payments again. I hate those fat little booklets you get from the bank! It takes forever for them to go down in size. Thank goodness for on-line banking so I don't have to look at it.

I'll enjoy driving my new car until the payment book arrives:)