Thursday, April 29, 2010


I was thinking today about what I could blog about and nothing has come to mind. It's one of those days. Shall I tell you about how the lawn mower gave up the ghost and now I have to stay in all day tomorrow for them to bring a new one? Boring.How I need to clean out a draw that is looking particularly ropey...ditto to boring.

It's one of those weeks when nothing of interest has happened, and I have not been inspired. Therefore, rather than write something dull and totally uninteresting I thought I'd put up a couple of book covers. Which do you like the best? Difficult, eh? They are all beautiful...and not in the least boring, so there you go when prose fails go to picture. Cheerio!


Kathleen said...

They are all great! Hard to pick a favorite but maybe Breaking the Clouds.

Paula Martin said...

I love the house in 'Poisoned Legacy' - reminds me of all the colonial houses I've seen in America.

margaret blake said...

I love the house too - but I like Breaking the Clouds. David's covers are always exciting. But the other covers are lovely too.
I can honestly say I have never been disappointed with my covers.

Mary Ricksen said...

Mine is Breaking the Clods too!! But then Poisoned Legacy grabs me.
I really like both of there book jackets!