Thursday, September 13, 2012

King Richard the Third

Much excitement is being generated at the moment. There is an archaeological dig in the town of Leicester - they are looking for the body of King Richard, who was killed at nearby Bosworth Field. The last English King to die in battle.

We admirers of the King are very excited about this. Could our beloved Richard at last be given a burial he so rightly deserves. Of course Tudor propaganda keeps sneaking in. Talk of a "hunchback" etc. which just was not true. Even if those who believe it speak of Richard being the creature created by Shakespeare, they must concede that if he were like that, how come he was known to be so fearsome in battle? It does not make sense.

Although the heinous crime of his being responsible for the murder of his nephews is wildly thought to be true, there is much evidence to show that he was not indeed responsible for this crime. Lots of counter evidence can be found with careful research. I loved Josephine Tey's novel "The Daughter of Time, which was where I first discovered a different Richard from Shakespeare's. That was what inspired me to look into this very enigmatic man, and I don't mind admitting, to fall a little in love with him.

Richard inspired my first novel and a later one, I have much to thank Richard for - and of course Josephine Tey too for introducing me to the truth.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back Again

I am back in circulation now, coming out of a nasty bout of shingles which left me unable to do very much. It's great to feel that my brain is ticking over again. There is nothing worse than having to sit around reading the newspapers, listening to the radio and watching television when you know that you want to be doing something else. You might think it would be good to have little distraction and therefore be able to plot the next novel but even this seemed to be impossible. I felt like a blob and looked pretty disgusting too. Ah well, the end is nigh as they say and today the sun is shining, I feel quite cheered. I also received a super review for Tilly's Trial - available at Just a little excerpt to wet your appetite : An emotion-packed tale, TILLY’S TRIALS, the latest novel by talented author Margaret Blake, is a poignant contemporary romance dealing with secrets, misunderstandings and second chances. Once I started reading this story, I became so absorbed in it that I found myself reading late into the night to see how it would turn out. Although Marsh and Tilly fight their feelings for each other due to problems and misunderstandings from their past, they soon find the fight futile. The characters are well-drawn and their problems are believable. I could not help rooting for them to reunite. With humor, clever banter, danger, PTSD, counseling, romance and true love, this story is captivating. I highly recommend this wonderful story and look forward to reading more of Ms. Blake’s works! Romance Junkies Review Cheers folk - and remember, have a lovely day!