Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tilly's Trials

My new novel Tilly's Trials is published this week ( initially as an ebook but shortly into paperback. TT is what I would like to call an old fashioned romance but it does have a twist. I thought long and hard about this novel because I was writing about a fairly sensitive issue - and no I am not going to tell you here what that is! Tilly has been divorced from her husband Marsh Masterson for some time. They meet again when, after part inheriting her mother's chain of tea shops, Tilly's father invites Marsh to come in and run things. A definite storm in a teacup. Marsh a working class boy has done really well becoming a successful business man so it isn't exactly a bad idea. However, Tilly is furious. The scene is set for many a confrontation. And really, does Tilly's father not realise this, or has he his own agenda? Perhaps too that agenda has nothing to do with hoping that Tilly and Marsh will get together again. I loved writing about Tilly and Marsh, I really liked them both and Marsh is the kind of man any girl would like to meet - believe me! Try it and see if I'm wrong.